Our Trip to the ESSE Purse Museum

During our spontaneous trip to Little Rock, Arkansas we had the privilege to visit the ESSE Purse Museum.

We were blown away when we were informed that this is one of only three Purse Museums in the world. So, technically we have 2/3 of the world to go (kidding). In short, this museum is dedicated to the century long historic revolution of the “Purse” and how it has sculpted into what we see today.

1900-1909 Purse Time-Capsule

The museum itself is made up of time-capsules, so to speak, of what Purses looked like during specific decades. The decades range from as early as the 1900’s all the way up to the 1999’s. You can find bags, clutches, and purses of all shapes, sizes, and types as well as the contents that were usually found within them. Truthfully, I never put into perspective how the Purse came about nor the history that lead up to what we have today. It’s astounding to see that women of the past and present share the same needs and wants in a bag or purse.

As Ana and I walked through the museum, we were absolutely inspired by how women of the past accessorized and balanced fashion with practicality. While there are of course variations of certain styles, in a sense history repeats itself and it’s easy to see the similarities between the generations. While we cannot express how much we loved the museum, we’d strongly suggest if you’re in Little Rock, Arkansas for you to see for yourself! It’ll be worth it!Crocodile Purses

For your convenience we’ve provided a link to their website so you can learn more about the amazing things they do :).

-TD xoxo


Credits: Featured Image courtesy of ESSE Purse Museum


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