Sundown of Fashion Re-Cap

This last Monday, we had the privilege to show case a Thrifting Diaires pop-up shop at the Sundown of Fashion event!

The event was held at the Sundown of Granada which is one of the loveliest places on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, TX. The ambiance and décor provide a welcoming environment for all newcomers and a second-home feel to all natives. They also have plenty of beers on tap in which we definitely couldn’t complain. 🙂

GFUZ1688 FJRT5472

The event itself was sponsored by Platos Closet Dallas and hosted by Megan Zike at Thryfted. We were accompanied by The Salvage Revolution and their trendy and breathtaking embroidered clothing pieces. Seriously, check them out! Photography for the event was provided by the lovely and artistic Dalia Garcia. Lastly, music was provided by the ever-talented Benton Lawson. It was the first we had heard of this DFW native, but we hope it’s not the last!

PYRR1213 FASF8928

While we didn’t get as big as a turn-out as we hoped we still assisted in providing a message to the few who came. That message was to question, “Who made my clothes.” If you haven’t heard, there is a #FashionRevolution on the rise. This revolution is to positively impact the fashion industry by either reducing consumption or by shopping second-hand.

If you’d like more information on this movement go to or be sure to watch “The True Cost” film. No matter how small an act of generosity may be, you really can’t put a price tag on it. Until our next event-ure (adventure) thrifties.

-TD xoxo




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